Dave Roberts: Full circle (?)

Last night’s game – the whole series, in fact – is really easy to talk about.  There have been crazy momentum swings, big home runs (in both the distance and the clutch sense) and some great pitching performances. But I want to follow along with a theme in baseball over the past few weeks and … Continue reading Dave Roberts: Full circle (?)


Losing Joe a good move? I have a better question…

Apparently, Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman recommended to Yankee ownership that Joe Girardi not be retained as manager.  There are many threads to this to consider, all of which require more than 140 characters or 10 second sound bites worth of consideration.  Here is what you need to ponder before calling up sports radio, ranting … Continue reading Losing Joe a good move? I have a better question…

ALCS Preview:

If you’re getting ready for the American League Championship Series, here are some things you need to know: The Houston Astros having a great offense isn’t a secret.  They lead all of baseball in both runs scored and in On Base Percentage, which of course always go hand in hand.  But unlike the recently dispatched … Continue reading ALCS Preview: