Zach Britton

Sorry kids, sometimes life gets in the way and I can’t jump in with my two cents right away on big happenings.  So instead of 1,000 words of analysis on Zach Britton, here are some quick hitting thoughts and observations.  Be sure to chime in with your two cents when you're done reading. Frankly, Britton’s … Continue reading Zach Britton


Gary Sanchez

Here’s the thing you need to know about Gary Sanchez.  Or Trea Turner or any other player that doesn’t hustle. The concepts of “hard-nosed”, “gritty”, “hustling”, “heart and soul” type players are total bullshit.  It’s all just a construct to sell jerseys, player merchandise, radio ads, and newspapers (or clicks and views nowadays) that plays … Continue reading Gary Sanchez