One Year Ago Today, Gallo’s Career Trajectory Changed

On July 30th, 2021, Joey Gallo made his highly anticipated debut with the Yankees against the Marlins in Miami. After a seemingly interminable string of complaints from Yankees fans and Yankees media about the dearth of left-handed power in the team’s lineup*, seeing Gallo (and Anthony Rizzo) on the field was a source of excitement … Continue reading One Year Ago Today, Gallo’s Career Trajectory Changed


Out of Left Field, July 24th Edition

Out of left field is an occasional My Baseball Page post about matters that don’t necessarily require 1,200 words of analysis, but should be touched on briefly anyway. In no particular order… Michael King Like everyone else, I’m disappointed about Michael King’s status. It’s frustrating to see a late bloomer who was finally starting to … Continue reading Out of Left Field, July 24th Edition

Gallo, Donaldson – Meet Occam’s razor

I’m generally not a believer in Occam’s razor. Simple questions have complex answers sometimes and it’s OK to think things through before getting your untroublesome “hot take” out there. That said, with regards to Josh Donaldson, who’s been struggling, and Joey Gallo who’s been really struggling, perhaps there is an obvious and simple answer to … Continue reading Gallo, Donaldson – Meet Occam’s razor