Greedy players, huh?

As I’ve written before, in my experience, baseball fans have very short memories. As a result, even though the MLB lockout is over and we’re about to start having fun again with baseball, let’s never forget exactly who MLB owners are. (Also as I’ve written before, MLB owners showed us who they were right around … Continue reading Greedy players, huh?


Is Kiner-Falefa due for a breakout?

As I’ve written previously, I like the acquisition of Isiah Kiner-Falefa. He can field the shortstop position and he’s a very good baserunner, and in case you weren’t paying attention last season, shortstop defense and team baserunning were serious issues for the Yankees. The question that’s been raised often, legitimately so, is about Kiner-Falefa’s bat. … Continue reading Is Kiner-Falefa due for a breakout?