Yankees vs. Guardians Preview

Tonight the Yankees will play the first game of a three-game set with the Cleveland Guardians. Although the Guardians have outperformed expectations this season, they aren’t the type of team that’s going to get a lot of publicity, so if you’re unfamiliar with them, here’s a quick primer and what to watch for: Cleveland is … Continue reading Yankees vs. Guardians Preview

Who’s Been the Yanks’ Most Consistent Starter?

This past Sunday I noted on my social media accounts that one of the amazing aspects of Nestor Cortes’ performance this season is that even when he’s not “good”, he’s not “bad”. The bad version of Nestor Cortes still tends to keep the Yankees within reach, as he did Sunday when he allowed 7 baserunners … Continue reading Who’s Been the Yanks’ Most Consistent Starter?