Domingo Acevedo. Your 411:

Here’s what you need to know about the Yankees latest prospect call up, Domingo Acevedo:

According to scouts, he has a plus fastball, a plus slider, a plus change up and plus command.  Oh, and he’s tall.

Considering that describes most major league pitchers and most major league prospects, that doesn’t help too much.  It’s always better to look at what the player actually did or didn’t do as opposed to what they might be able to do.

And a reminder, with regards to evaluating pitchers, once a batter makes contact with the ball, there isn’t much difference between pitchers.  Pitchers can control missing bats and not issuing bases on balls – not too much else.

With that in mind…

Acevedo has always s been young for whatever level he’s pitched at and had a very good 2017, pitching predominantly in high A ball and AA with a little time in AAA.  Combined across the three levels he threw 133 innings and posted 9.6 K and 2.3 BB per nine innings. (That’s a 4.18 K/BB ratio for the mathematically challenged among us.)  In fact, his AA K%-BB% was 5th among 140 pitchers with 50 or more innings in the Eastern league last season.

So far in 2018 while pitching with AA Trenton exclusively, both his strikeout and walk rate have regressed significantly.  His K per 9 and BB per 9 regressed to 7.1/3.2 (2.22) and his K%-BB% is 42nd out of 62 AA pitchers with at least 50 innings pitched.  That rate makes him 5th best on his own team, incidentally.

He has had some blister and finger issues that are hopefully temporary and hopefully the reason the shot callers are ignoring this season’s regression, as throwing strikes one season and not being able to the next is never a good sign.

(Healthy) fingers crossed.

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