More Higgy, less Trevino (…?)

We’re at that time of the calendar year in which we’re less than one month away from Opening Day and we can start having serious conversations about the Yankees’ 2023 roster and the expectations of individual players. The health of both DJ LeMahieu and Giancarlo Stanton is going to go a long way toward determining … Continue reading More Higgy, less Trevino (…?)


Yankees Player Report Cards: Position Players, Pt. 1

The regular season and the postseason are two completely different animals. The water in the former will almost always find its own level, and the latter is a total crapshoot. (Although, most players’ histories are written by what they do in the postseason, fairly or unfairly.) So before we move on to playoff baseball, let’s … Continue reading Yankees Player Report Cards: Position Players, Pt. 1