Reminder re. Greg Bird:

So it looks like Greg Bird will be gone for 6-8 weeks.  Again.  (Rubs eyes…)

I have good news for you Yankee fans…with a caveat:

Bird being replaced by some combination of Neil Walker and anyone on the team named Tyler for 8 weeks is a small issue in the big scheme of things.  Bird’s expected performance minus the expected performance of Tyler Austin, Tyler Wade, and/or Neil Walker over that time span is negligible.  We’re talking one win over that span, maybe.


If, like last season, Bird is joined by Gary Sanchez, Didi Gregorius, Aaron Hicks and the starting 2nd baseman for long stretches on the DL as well – that’s a problem.  Because that’s what happened last season.  And as a result, (I think people forget) that Austin Romine, Ronald Torreyes, Jacoby Ellsbury and Chris Carter averaged about 300 plate appearances last season.

That’s about a half a season from three guys who shouldn’t be in the big leagues and another who’s a backup outfielder.

That’s how a team that should have won 100 games ended up winning 91.  Well, that and Joe Girardi’s inability to manage a bullpen.

If it’s just Bird being absent until May, we’re good.  Fingers crossed on everyone else.


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