Blue Jays Preview

So I was on Baseball Reference, Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus with about 50 tabs open looking for something interesting about the Toronto Blue Jays that I could share with you prior to the start of their three game series with the Yankees this weekend.

I failed.  There is nothing interesting about this team.  Maybe just some reminders instead:

  • Russell Martin is still one of the best at generating bad calls from the umpire. In today’s game this is called “pitch framing”.  I will yell “Robot. Umpires. Now!” at the TV at least 7 times this weekend.
  • It’s pronounced “tor-ON-oh”, not “tor-ON-toe”.  The 2nd “T” is silent.  I’ve been to “Torono” – trust me.
  • They can’t pitch well. They don’t have anyone with 60 or more innings and an above league average ERA+.
  • Justin Smoak can hit, but not much else. Kevin Pillar can run and field but not much else.  Teoscar Hernandez has some pop but swings at everything and strikeouts a lot.  He does hit the ball everywhere though, so no shifting, Yankees.
  • They have no relievers that would be considered in the top 30 in the AL.
  • They’re the 2nd worst fielding team in the AL.
  • Sean Reid-Foley will make his 2nd career start on Saturday. At every level in the minors he had a plus K rate and a plus ground ball rate.  Given the Jays defense, he’ll need more missed bats and fewer ground balls.

So other than watching the “human element” of Russell Martin fooling umpires, because that’s why we all tune in (rolls eyes…) this has all the makings of lose/lose series for the Yankees and their fans.  It may not be the most exciting weekend of baseball which will do if there are three wins involved.

But if this goes sideways, a lot of TVs will have a lot of foul language directed at them this weekend.

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