Trade deadline follow up (Yankees):

Here are some interesting numbers involving recent arrivals and departures on the Yankees roster (then bear with me as I make my points):

  • In 50 plate appearances with Minnesota, Tyler Austin has 6 HR, a .340 OBP and a .717 SLG.  For his career, he now has 318 PA with 21 HR and a .500 SLG.
  • Billy McKinney, since joining Toronto has 37 PA and a .486 OBP and .767 SLG.
  • Chasen Shreve has thrown 7 and a third innings since leaving the Yankees and has allowed 2 earned runs with a 3/1 strikeout to walk ratio.  Since joining the Yankees, Zach Britton has thrown 13 IP, allowed 7 ER and has a 1.6 K/BB ratio.
  • Adam Warren has thrown 10 plus innings in Seattle and allowed 3 earned runs. Lance Lynn has thrown 31 plus IP with the Yankees and allowed 14 earned runs.  And those 31 innings of Lynn’s have been against five teams with a combined .395 winning percentage.

Before you attack me on social media, let me be clear:  I understand those are very small sample sizes and it’s very likely some of those performances won’t hold up long term – but some of them will.  I also understand that the Yankees have international bonus pool money as a result of some of the above.  But if you think they’re signing the next Ohtani with what they got for Adam Warren, I think you’re mistaken.

As usual, I’ve now reached my points in a rather circuitous manner.  They are, in no particular order:

If you work for Simpleton Summer Camp (the YES Network) you can’t have it both ways.  You don’t get to complain on a nightly basis about the lack of production at first base and the lack of outfield depth on the Yankees roster without also pointing out the Yankees had viable options for both and traded them away.  Doing so only makes you a shill.  Which yes, I understand that’s nothing new for the Simpleton Summer Camp staff – looking at you Michael Kay, Jack Curry and Meredith Marakovits – that doesn’t make it right.

Secondly, you don’t get to tell me how great Brian Cashman is.  This is a highly unscientific poll, but the ratio of positive comments to negative comments I receive and hear about Brian Cashman are easily 50/1.  I had an exchange the other day on social media with someone I have a lot of respect for who wrote that Cashman is a Hall of Fame executive.  Simpleton Summer Camp puts the “sick” in sycophants on a nightly basis when it comes to Cashman.

I think Cashman has done more good things than bad over the last 3 or 4 years, but his track record is nowhere near as good as people think it is and the Yankees front office as a whole isn’t in the same league as Oakland’s or Tampa Bay’s.  Full stop, repeat:  Not in the same league.

And despite the losses of productive players, the Yankees didn’t improve their current roster (with the possible exception of Britton turning his season around).

(Thanks to Marc Craig for being the impetus for this post.)

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