Re. Cashman: It’s the wrong question.

We’re asking the wrong question: The question should not be “Is Cashman a good GM?”  The question we should be asking is “Is he good enough?”

And I think even the staunchest Cashman defenders have to answer, “No – he is not good enough.”

He clearly isn’t as good as Jeff Luhnow.  And that’s not based off a 6 game series, that’s based off the last five seasons.  The Astros were still tanking in 2014 – the Yankees haven’t been better than Houston since.

Cashman clearly isn’t as good as whoever the Red Sox hire.  Since John Henry took over the Red Sox the ring tally is Boston 4, New York 1.

The current situation reminds me of the end of the ’17 season, somewhat ironically.  In what was a great move by Cashman (one he doesn’t get enough credit for I think) he let Joe Girardi go and hired Aaron Boone.  It was gutsy given the Yankees’ success that season but Cashman was 100% right – Girardi was the best guy for the job in 2008 but it wasn’t 2008 anymore – that’s paraphrasing Cashman’s own words.

To me, that managerial situation mirrors the current GM situation. We’re not using flip phones anymore.  It’s time to move on.  Whatever you may feel about Cashman’s abilities you have to admit there are better GMs out there with whom he can’t compete – especially if Hal Steinbrenner insists on payroll limits.

I mentioned Houston and Boston, but I think most of us would agree the front offices of Oakland and Tampa Bay have been better than the Yankees for a while, and the front offices of Minnesota and Cleveland are no joke.  Hell, don’t look in the rearview mirror because you’ll notice Toronto is this close to being a powerhouse.

Being “good” in the AL, particularly in the AL East isn’t going to cut it.  Unless you can convince Yankee fans to be OK with perpetual bridesmaid syndrome, you’re going to have to roll the dice in an effort to get better.

That needs to start with a new GM.

Did I miss something?  Let me know.

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