The newest Yankee:

Sorry, I’ve been busy with the Holidays so I’m just getting around to this:

Last week the Yankees acquired Cristian Perez for Chance Adams.  Here’s what you need to know about Perez:

In four seasons in the minors – two in rookie ball, two in A ball – he’s never shown an ability to do…well, anything really…and it’s unlikely he’ll ever get past A ball.  This is probably the last time you’ll hear his name.

Chance Adams, as we now know, needed to be moved in order to make room on the Yankees’ roster for Gerrit Cole.

Quick reminder:  Adams was a top prospect at one point which may seem hard to believe now.  (Seriously – other than Kei Igawa, can you remember another pitcher who threw three pitches all the same speed and all right down the middle of the plate in the manner Adams did?)

In fact, he was such a top prospect at one point, the Yankees wouldn’t include him in a deal with Clint Frazier for Cole two years ago (they would have included one or the other, not both – link here).  There’s no way of knowing of course, but it’s worth wondering if the 2018 and 2019 postseasons would have gone better for the Yankees had Cole been wearing pinstripes instead of orange.

The take-home reminder lesson?

Know your own prospects and remember they are useless to you unless they are part of your future plans.  If they are not then you need to get something of value for them when you can, not wait until they’re of no value to anybody.

It literally could be the difference between having arguably the best pitcher in MLB for two seasons or a below-average A-ball player.

Did I miss something?  Let me know.

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