No analyzation, opinion or commentary today – just some numbers I came across that I found interesting and I thought you might find interesting as well. And yes, I’m aware of sample size which I why I said no analyzation or judgment – just a reminder that some players were FAR better with the Yankees than many fans remember.

Average WAR per 162 G, as Yankees, since 1970, minimum 250 games with NYY:

  1. Rickey Henderson 8.4
  2. Aaron Judge 7.8
  3. Alex Rodriguez 5.8
  4. Thurman Munson 5.3
  5. Willie Randolph 5.2
  6. Robinson Cano 5.2
  7. Mike Gallego 5.2
  8. Mickey Rivers 5
  9. Wade Boggs 4.9
  10. Gary Sanchez 4.9
  11. Brett Gardner 4.5
  12. Roy White 4.4
  13. Reggie Jackson 4.3
  14. Derek Jeter 4.2


Your thoughts?

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