Out of left field, NYY:

Out of Left Field is an occasional informal look at some happenings that may not require 800 words of analysis and commentary but should be addressed anyway. In today’s edition of “Out of Left Field”, in no particular order, we have…

Good move offering Luis Cessa a contract. Cessa, who was part of one of the Yankees better trades when he came to NY with Chad Green in exchange for Justin Wilson (Wilson 2.2 WAR with Detroit, Cessa/Green 7.1 WAR with NYY) has been much better than he’s been given credit for. Since 2019, 79 AL pitchers have thrown 100 or more innings and Cessa has a better ERA+ than 49 of them, despite never having a clear role.

But you missed an opportunity, NYY: The Angels acquired Jose Iglesias yesterday who would have been a perfect fit for the Yankees. Assuming DJ is an ex-Yankee, making a small investment in a glove first shortstop and moving Gleyber back to second base would have been a big boost for what was a problematic defense last year. Clint Frazier getting the bulk of the LF at bats this year would make up for Iglesias’ bat (not that team offense would be an issue anyway), and Iglesias would have been a great bridge to next season when you hand over the Brinks truck to Lindor or Seager as the long term solution.

Good move delivering a contract to Gary Sanchez on his birthday. As discussed, Sanchez is young, cheap, and far better than he’s been given credit for despite the frustrating rollercoaster performances. He’s clearly the Yankees best option right now.

Sorry to see Jonathan Holder go. He had a great under the radar 2018 for the Yankees, but regressed in ’19 and even more in ’20. Hopefully he’ll bounce back with another team.

Pssst…just a reminder: As the Yankees’ starting rotation currently stands, the Yankees number two starter has thrown 75 innings over three years and the number three starter will have gone more than a year and a half between starts by opening day. Yes, Montgomery, German, Garcia and Severino (in July) is better than what a lot of teams have, but there’s a lot of dice rolls there and it’s probably not good enough to win a World Series even if all the rolls come up seven.

Did I miss something? Let me know.


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