Can we do something? Anything?

Your friendly reminder Yankee fans, that if the season started today, the Yankees…

  • Number two starter has thrown 75 innings in three years. Their number three starter hasn’t been on a big league mound in well over a year.
  • Any groundball hit to the left side of the infield will be a single, as there’d be no one there to pick said ground ball up.
  • In a division that the Yankees should win by 12 games just by taking the field, they are not only not a lock not to win it, they are far from a guaranteed postseason berth.

Don’t misunderstand: I think Jordan Montgomery and Domingo German are very good – frankly, they’re underrated. It’s hard not to like Deivi Garcia’s prospects, and Clarke Schmidt and a mid-season return of Luis Severino is better than most teams have at the back of their rotation. But even if all those dice being rolled come up sevens, that’s not a staff that’s winning a World Series.

With regards to the left side of the infield, as the roster currently stands, Gleyber Torres is the 2nd baseman and Gio Urshela may or may not be available come spring training or Opening Day. The Yankees literally have nobody on the left side of the infield. I’ve written this before but it bears repeating: If the strategy is to have Gleyber play second base, sign a shortstop for one season (Simmons? Semien? Didi?) then throw the Brinks truck at (Seager? Story? Correa?) in November because that’s better than Gleyber at shortstop and DJ at second, that is a perfectly fine plan from a baseball standpoint.

Then Brian Cashman, by the power of Clint Frazier’s neck gaiter I command you: Just say that and do it already.

Stop with the faux chase of DJ. Move on and do your job.

If there is a given in baseball, the Rays will win 90 plus games, be in contention for a post-season position, and have a front office that out-performs the Yankees’. Toronto is getting better. Boston is getting better (and I have bad news for you – they don’t have as far to go as you think they do).

This wait and see what the market does, and we’ll pretend to be interested in re-signing DJ only for the purposes of placating the media and our fan base, IS NOT WORKING, and has gone on long enough. Sometimes championships are won (or lost) in the winter.

As a Yankee fan, I think expecting the Yankees to try to win isn’t a crazy request.

Did I miss something? Let me know.


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