NYY and Kluber: What’s to say?

I shouldn’t need to tell you how good Corey Kluber was, but I will.

From 2014 – 2018, he was the second best pitcher in the American League behind Chris Sale, and it was a close second. Kluber led the AL in ERA+ over that span and was second to only Sale in both K%-BB% and FIP. (A little off topic, but Carlos Carrasco was third in all three categories. Yes, better than Verlander, Price and Bauer. Just in case you weren’t sure of how big a heist the Lindor/Carrasco deal was.)

But due to injuries and some bad luck, Kluber has thrown only one inning in close to two years.

The Yankees are rolling the dice for sure, but I’m not convinced there’s even such a thing as a bad one year deal for a team, and $11 million dollars to the Yankees is about $167 to you and me.

Yes, I did the math.

Kluber hit 90 mph during his open workout (93 was what he threw in his prime) and he’s working under the supervision of Eric Cressey (who I wrote about here) so there’s reason for optimism. The signing is the definition of low risk, high reward. If it doesn’t work out, there’s virtually no harm, if it does workout, you have a mid-rotation arm.

But let’s be clear: Even if Kluber pitches well, the Yankees are not winning a World Series with their current pitching staff. More needs to be done and it needs to be above the bargain basement.

Keep shopping Mr. Cashman, keep shopping…

Did I miss something? Let me know.


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