Yesterday and Today

The Yankees got another win yesterday, and although it hasn’t been an aesthetically pleasing stretch, that’s four out of five for the boys in pinstripes. With their ace on the bump this afternoon, the Yanks have another huge opportunity to keep pace with Toronto and to put another game between them and the Red Sox and Rays.

Before looking forward, let’s take a quick look back at yesterday’s game. Once again, it wasn’t a masterpiece, but from the glass half full perspective we got a hit and run scored from Joey Gallo, a clutch walk-off hit from Gleyber, and the Bringer of Rain indeed brought some. Three players that needed some good results got some, which hopefully sparks them and the team this afternoon (and ongoing).

Of course, the positive result was marred by childish behavior from several Yankees fans. Anyone who taunts an injured player from a distance is a vile coward and anyone who throws objects from a safe distance is a vile coward who should never be allowed in an MLB Stadium again. Yet, in response to Myles Straw, who called the Yankees fan base the “worst fan base on the planet”, I’d like to offer a reminder of sorts: Myles plays in front of a fan base that’s spent over a century wearing Native American garb while using racist terminology, imagery, and chants. If I may be so bold, I think Myles should check his self-awareness card before speaking to the media after the game ongoing.

The Yankees players need to put that behind them today as they face the Guardians’ Aaron Civale. Civale won’t break any radar guns (heck, he might not break any windows) with his velocity, but he does mix and match six pitches and has shown little inclination to issue free passes in his career. He’ll be making his third start of the season today and his first two weren’t particularly good. On April 11th against Kansas City he allowed four runs on four hits and an uncharacteristic three walks in just over three innings, then against the Giants a week ago today he was touched for four runs on four hits in only four innings. As I said on Friday, the Yankees dodged a bullet by not having to face Cleveland’s best pitchers this weekend – they need to respond by giving the Yankees pitchers an easy day.

Speaking of which, Gerrit Cole will be toeing the slab in the boogie down for the Yanks today. There’s been a lot of chatter about Cole lately among the Yankees universe, and I’m here to tell you that two things can be true: Cole has been the most valuable pitcher in the AL since the Yankees acquired him, but he also needs to right the ship on this substandard stretch he’s in. The Yanks’ “Top Gun” has made three starts in 2022, and none of them have been good – it’s time for him to be the ace and bully a team that Jameson Taillon, Nestor Cortes Jr. (and Michael King) have already shut down.

Cole will make the game’s first pitch at 1:35 PM from the Bronx. You can catch the game on the YES Network, the MLB Channel, and listen on WFAN 101.9 FM, 660 AM, and WADO 1280 AM. I’m going to be at a hockey game so I don’t know how much commentary I’ll be providing on the Yankees today, but you can always follow me @mybaseballpage1 on Twitter and on the My Baseball Page on Facebook.


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One thought on “Yesterday and Today

  1. Nice article s d I couldn’t agree more. I had Yankees season tix for over a decade and have been to about a hundred other professional events. Never have I tossed an object at a player/entertainer ( or bitch slapped them for that matter) .That being said I don’t care if the right fielders mother was heckled, you don’t climb the wall and get in the face of a fan. And unfortunately, especially in the 9th inning with a little liquid encouragement, mob mentality sets in. One jackass throws a beer and 50 others follow his lead. Both sides crossed the line and it’s embarrassing…

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