2019 Yankees: Best and worst.

Once again, because there are no meaningful games this weekend we have to delve into trivial stuff for discussion points.  Trivial perhaps, but also fun if you’re a baseball fan.

Using Fangraphs, (it’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, I’m not going to spend it with 20 tabs open across every baseball site – we’re keeping it light and simple today) among the 16 Yankees with at least 100 plate appearances in ‘19 (listed below) here are the best and worst individual performances:

Offensive player (wRC+):

Best – Judge.  Worst – Didi.

Best overall (WAR)

Best – DJ.  Worst – Frazier


Best: Gardner.  Worst: Voit


Best – Judge.  Worst – Voit


Best: Hicks.  Worst: Sanchez

Plate discipline:

Best: Tauchman.  Worst: Gio



  • A reminder that WAR is a cumulative stat.  So if Judge had not been injured, he would have had higher WAR than DJ.  And Frazier, although not full time, did have more AB than three Yankees who had higher WAR than he did.
  • I don’t believe in clutch, but I know some of you do, so I threw it in there.
  • Yankees with over 100 PA in 2019: DJ, Gleyber, Gardner, Voit, Gio, Judge, Sanchez, Didi, Tauchman, Maybin, Hicks, Frazier, Romine, Encarnacion, Ford, Wade.


Did I miss something?  Let me know.

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