Yankees post-season lineup:

This is what the Yankees would be putting on the field next Friday night if I were the manager (with notes, comments, and caveats below):

  1. DJ – 2B
  2. Judge – RF
  3. Sanchez – C
  4. Stanton – LF
  5. Voit – DH
  6. Encarnacion – 1B
  7. Gleyber – SS
  8. Garnder – CF
  9. Gio – 3B


  • This is assuming all players are healthy and available.
  • I’m not factoring in pitching matchup or park factors.
  • Gary Sanchez avoids double plays better than anyone on the Yankees.  Hard to believe but true.  This is why I like him 3rd – I like someone with power hitting behind the two high OBP guys but it can’t be someone who’s going to consistently make the number 4 batter lead off an inning with no one on base due to a high DP rate.
  • The number five spot leads off more times than all spots but number one – I like Voit’s OBP there.
  • I like Gardner in front of Gio.  A stolen base threat is very valuable in front of a guy who’s likely to put the ball in play.  When you’re on 2nd base, you’re more likely to score on an outfield hit than you are from 1st base, so stealing is often worth the risk with a guy like Gio up.  Stolen base ability is wasted when put in front of batters like Judge and Stanton when running isn’t worth the risk due to their power – in those cases being on 2nd isn’t that much better than being on first – certainly not enough to risk taking the bat from their hands.
  • Yes, the Yankees are better defensively with Didi at SS and Gleyber at 2nd than with Gleyber at SS and DJ at 2nd.  But not nearly enough better to justify having Didi’s bat in the lineup over Voit or Encarnacion.  That said…
  • If you want Maybin in the OF, Stanton DH and either Voit or Encarnacion relegated to PH duties, I’d be OK with that, but not what I’d do.


Did I miss something?  Let me know.

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